About Me

Hi!! I'm Mishelle!! Ok where to start?!I was Born and raised in Memphis, TN. As for my history with photography, I guess it goes back to middle school. I ALWAYS remember having a disposable camera and being excited to see what in the world I had captured on my tiny little memory maker. Fast forward to 2010. My husband(then fiancé) and I decided to do a last minute trip to the beach to get married so we had to find a wedding photographer, a florist, a bakery for the cake, you get it all of the things, and we got married on the beach. When I saw my photos I thought, "oh wow maybe I can do this too I really love taking pictures!". So thats what I did! Thats how I got started. A little about me as a person, I am a Christian, I am married to a wonderful man (Richard) and have two amazing kids(Luke and Anniston). I am slightly obsessed with cats. I really love all animals! If you ever want to include a fur baby in a shoot please bring them it will make my day! I love traveling, the outdoors are my favorite. It doesn't matter if it is a beach, the mountains or just going to a park I love it all. God is the best artist ever! I also have become obsessed with exercising it feels so good to get a good workout in and feel that burn in my lungs knowing i'm taking good care of myself! My favorite show is Friends and I have to watch The Office if I see it is on! That is about all I can think of right now, if you have any more questions about me please ask I have been informed many times I am an open book and an over sharer. HA! So ask on askers!


Sarah & Amrit

I had a wonderful experience working with Kristen and Mishelle of Wildflowers Photography. My husband and I were captured some beautiful shots, and were willing to work with new cultural traditions and within a reasonable budget.